Christa Rollock’s journey began in a small town in Bavaria, Germany. From an early age she was drawn to all forms of art. Christa sang, drew and painted with a passion. She paid attention to the world around her and always dreamed about bringing this view to the canvas one day. It was in beautiful Bavaria, home of dreamy castles and dramatic mountain ranges, where she began to develop her artistic sensibilities.


After following her Military husband to the United States, Christa began painting and is now a flourishing artist. She works mostly with acrylic paint but also uses mixed media and oils. 


Christa believes that the artistic process goes hand-in-hand with creativity, experimentation, and spirit. Her paintings are inspired by her passion for her family, travel and nature. She continues to draw inspiration anywhere and everywhere she finds herself.


Christa is happily married and the mother of two grown children and is currently living and working in Richmond, Texas.


Much  of my art is inspired by the world around me. Painting for me is like life: an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows, ups and downs. The creation of each piece of art allows me to express my emotions, it is a very cathartic process for me. I walk around each painting while I work at it, play with colors and seeing the finished product is like seeing the world through a different lens.